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Predictive Maintenance Solution

Proactively forecasts large machinery failures

"It stands out for reducing maintenance costs and downtime, improving operational efficiency for machinerydependent industries, and providing a proactive alternative to traditional reactive maintenance methods."

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Identifying Recycling Materials

Uses AI to identify and provide recycling instructions for hard-to-recycle materials.

Use advanced AI to identify hard-to-recycle materials. It guides users with detailed instructions on how to properly recycle these materials. Developed in collaboration with leading universities, RMS ensures accurate and efficient recycling processes. This technology helps manufacturers and consumers contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Social Engagement

Turning hard-to-recycle materials into rewards

EcoPrize gamifies recycling to encourage proper waste management. The app educates users on handling hard-to-recycle materials and converts them into rewards. Integrated with our Recycling Material Scanner (RMS), EcoPrize provides clear instructions for cleaning and sorting materials. This approach makes recycling engaging and rewarding for everyone.

Dynamic Reporting System

Comprehensive sustainability tracking and reporting system.

A comprehensive platform for sustainability tracking and reporting.
Streamlines ESG, EPR, and CSR report creation with minimal data input.
Integrates waste tracking for real-time environmental impact insights.

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Smart POD™

An industry-specific smart training system for sports that maximizes training effectiveness.

A comprehensive training system and networking system tailored to each sport, incorporating sensors and machine learning to cater to both professionals and beginners, satisfying their specific training needs.

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Biometric Keychain

The best solution for wisely managing your passwords and important information.

A information management solution that ensures encrypted information cannot be viewed even when posted on a wall and can only be accessed by designated individuals. It provides the highest level of security with a three-tier security level setting and offers the ability to share information only with desired individuals, maximizing information security and usability.

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Introduce your videos, gather feedback.

YouTube creators to showcase their latest content and gain invaluable feedback from a community of peers. Designed to empower and inspire, the app offers a unique space where creators can debut their videos to an audience that understands the craft and the effort behind each production.

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