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Predictive Maintenance System

Predicts equipment failure using machine learning. It stands out for reducing maintenance costs and downtime, improving operational efficiency for machinerydependent industries, and providing a proactive alternative to traditional reactive maintenance methods.

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Business Case Report

AI-driven Predictive Maintenance System (PMS) that proactively forecasts large machinery failures. Please check out the report.


Patent-pending Technology

First-movers of PMS in the bowling industry, backed by patent-pending technology and established partners.



In Recycling Facilities

Our AI-Driven System uses advanced camera technology to identify collected MLP waste, including product and manufacturer names, in real-time at recycling facilities. This system tracks monthly and annual recycling rates, automatically integrating data with the cloud.


How it works for pin-setter?

It analyzes the collected data in real-time with machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and predict potential failures. When an issue is identified, the system generates an alert and sends detailed notifications to the technician through the dedicated app. The notification includes information about the specific component at risk, enabling the technician to take proactive maintenance actions.

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