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Building Your Data Colony

Welcome to Datant Inc.
Like real ants, we help you build your own data colony.

Ants adapt to their habitat, understand their surroundings, and create their own society. Datant Inc. does what real ants do, but with data. We collect data bit by bit every moment, building an efficient and effective knowledge colony.

With Datant Inc., get a 360-degree view of your business and needs.

Let Your Data Take Your user experience to Higher Grounds

Cloud Analytics Modernization

By modularizing the data accumulated with the best technology into the lates data model, we always support consumers with the latest technology. 

Versatility in Application

Datant inc. Uses its own unique data management skills to build strong A.I that helps our products runs with high accuracy and efficient. 

Data Science Acceleration

Datant inc. , which can extract high value from the collected data, provides insightful support to consumers bu combining it with the conpany's various products and services.

Full Customer Experience Service

Datant inc. use accumulated data and user feedback to update real-time management A.I to realize the best user experience.. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We took a new approach to data collection and use, creating a training model called I.B.T.M.


This make possible even at the beginning of the use of our product with little accumulated data, A.I, applying I.B.M.T’s technology, quickly grasps the user’s needs and intentions and performs the task with surprisingly high accuracy.

Are You Ready to experience 
Your unique Data colony?

The data created with our technology understands the user's usage environment and habits, and gradually colonizes that knowledge. In addition, in order to respond to colony data against external intrusion, we prevent data leakage by A.Is and only allows authenticated A.Is to communicate.

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