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Building Your Data Colony

Like real ants, we help you build your own data colony.

Ants adapt to their habitat, understand their surroundings, and create their own society. Datant Inc. does what real ants do, but with data. We collect data bit by bit every moment, building an efficient and effective knowledge colony.

Environmental and Sustainability

Designed to streamline the creation and distribution of environmental reports, focusing on ESG, EPR, and CSR metrics, enhancing corporate sustainability practices.

AI-powered system that helps identify and provide recycling instructions for hard-to-recycle materials, utilizing machine learning and a comprehensive database to guide users and manufacturers in sustainable practices.

Our AI-Driven system uses advanced camera technology to identify collected MLP waste, including product and manufacturer names, in real-time at recycling facilities.

Mobile app that gamifies recycling, encouraging proper waste management by educating users on handling hard-to-recycle materials and converting them into rewards.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We took a new approach to data collection and use, creating a training model called I.B.T.M.


This make possible even at the beginning of the use of our product with little accumulated data, A.I, applying I.B.M.T’s technology, quickly grasps the user’s needs and intentions and performs the task with surprisingly high accuracy.

Are You Ready to experience 
Your unique Data colony?

A comprehensive range of innovative products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise in mobile app development, AI-driven solutions, and enterprise software development positions us as a leader in the technology industry.

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