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Zero Waste Cafe

Empowering Sustainable Coffee Enjoyment Anywhere, Anytime


The Zero Waste Cafe is an innovative coffee dispensing machine that is specifically designed to minimize the environmental impact of single-use coffee cups through a sustainable, membership-based model. This compact machine occupies a mere 30" x 30" space, making it versatile enough to fit into various settings such as convenience stores, food courts, mall kiosks, and offices.

How It Works

Operation of the Zero Waste Cafe is streamlined and user-friendly. Members can activate the machine simply by placing their reusable cup under the dispenser, opening the associated app, and then using NFC technology or scanning a QR code to start the coffee dispensing process. This technology not only enhances convenience but also promotes a seamless, hygienic, and eco-friendly coffee experience.

Membership and Cost To access the Zero Waste Cafe, users must subscribe to a membership, with businesses needing a minimum of 100 memberships for deployment. The membership fee is $25 per month, allowing members to enjoy coffee once every two hours from any machine location. Businesses that install the Zero Waste Cafe will pay a monthly fee starting at $2500, which includes the cost of the machine, coffee supply, and maintenance—including the delivery and replacement of coffee kegs, which are monitored by the machine to signal when replenishment is needed.

Benefits for Businesses

The Zero Waste Cafe offers a lucrative opportunity for businesses to enhance their customer offerings and integrate sustainable practices into their daily operations. It serves as an excellent alternative to traditional capsule coffee machines, like Nespresso, which often involve high expenses ($5000/month) and generate significant waste from hard-to-recycle materials. By adopting the Zero Waste Cafe, companies can significantly reduce their environmental footprint, align with corporate ESG goals, and potentially decrease their monthly coffee-related expenditures.

Sustainability Impact

By encouraging the use of reusable cups and providing coffee through a closed-loop system, the Zero Waste Cafe plays a critical role in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. This initiative not only helps in cutting down the usage of single-use plastics but also educates and encourages consumers and businesses to make environmentally conscious choices.


The Zero Waste Cafe is more than just a coffee machine; it's a movement towards a more sustainable and responsible way of enjoying coffee. It is an ideal solution for any organization looking to enhance their sustainability efforts and provide a unique, eco-friendly coffee experience to their employees, customers, and guests.

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