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Pocket Harvest

Manage your veggies anytime, anywhere with Shared Smart Farm. Experience freshness delivered to your doorstep.

Pocket Harvest: Revolutionizing Urban Farming for a Sustainable Future


Welcome to Pocket Harvest, where we bring the joy and benefits of homegrown vegetables to urban households and businesses through innovative smart farming technology. Our mission is to make fresh, organic produce accessible to everyone, regardless of space constraints or busy lifestyles. With your support, we aim to launch our pilot program with 1,000 units and pave the way for a greener, healthier future.

The Problem

In today's fast-paced urban environments, many people lack the space, time, and knowledge to grow their own food. Traditional gardening requires significant effort and expertise, and buying organic produce can be expensive. Additionally, commercial entities like restaurants and grocery stores often struggle to source fresh, high-quality vegetables consistently.

Our Solution

Pocket Harvest offers a seamless solution by integrating smart farming technology with an engaging, game-like app. This interactive approach makes managing your vegetable garden fun and intuitive, ensuring a delightful experience for both individuals and families. Each unit comes with its own actual land plot for farming (approximately 30-45 square feet), enhanced by smart farming trays and vertical structures to maximize production in limited space. Our approach ensures that everyone, from families to businesses, can enjoy fresh produce effortlessly.

Key Features

Smart Farming Units:

○  Each unit includes a dedicated plot of land (approximately 30-45 square feet).

○  Additional smart farming trays and vertical structures to maximize space and


○  Automated watering and nutrient systems.

○  Real-time monitoring with 24/7 camera feeds.

Engaging, Game-Like App:

○  Manage your farming units through an interactive, game-like interface.

○  Monitor plant health and growth.

○  Schedule harvests and deliveries.

○  Participate in a community market to exchange or sell surplus produce.

Weekly Deliveries:

○  Fresh vegetables delivered in premium, reusable insulated bags.

○  Optional weekly delivery add-on for convenience.

Community and Education:

○  Engage in educational activities about farming and sustainability.

○  Corporate packages for team-building and CSR initiatives.

Share and Trade Market:

○  Donate surplus vegetables or sell them at a fixed price in our online open market.

○  Use earned credits to purchase other vegetables grown by fellow users.

○  Weekly delivery of vegetables from your cart on a predetermined day.

The Impact

By supporting Pocket Harvest, you are contributing to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Our project not only provides fresh produce but also educates and empowers communities. With reduced reliance on commercial farming and transportation, we lower the carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability.

The Plan

Research and Development:

○  Conduct market research and develop prototypes.

○  Finalize the design of smart farming units and app features.

Pilot Program:

○  Launch 1,000 units to test and refine the system.

○  Gather feedback from users to make necessary improvements.

Full-Scale Launch:

○  Expand to support more units based on pilot program insights.

○  Enhance marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.

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