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Turning hard-to-recycle materials into rewards

EcoPrize is an innovative mobile app designed to revolutionize recycling through gamification, making waste management engaging, educational, and rewarding. By turning recycling tasks into interactive challenges, EcoPrize encourages users to actively participate in proper waste management practices. Users earn points and rewards by completing recycling tasks, transforming tedious activities into enjoyable experiences while learning how to handle various types of recyclable materials, particularly those that are harder to recycle.

A key feature of EcoPrize is its integration with our Recycling Material Scanner (RMS). This AI-powered system identifies and categorizes hard-to-recycle materials, providing precise guidance on how to handle each item. Users can scan items with the app, and RMS analyzes the material to offer tailored instructions for proper disposal. This seamless integration simplifies the recycling process and enhances user knowledge and participation, making recycling more accessible and efficient.

EcoPrize also fosters a sense of community and competition among users. Participants can track their progress, compare performance with friends, and strive to reach higher levels to earn more significant rewards. This social aspect encourages collaborative efforts toward better waste management and environmental stewardship, making recycling a shared and enjoyable activity.

Beyond individual users, EcoPrize provides valuable data and insights into recycling patterns and behaviors. Municipalities, businesses, and environmental organizations can use this information to improve recycling programs and strategies. By understanding how people interact with the recycling process, stakeholders can develop more effective initiatives to increase recycling rates and reduce waste, ultimately contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

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